Chick Rearing Cages
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Drinking system can be automatic nipple drinking line and manual feeder and drinker.
Feeding from one week to sexteen weeks.



 Cage  layer chick cage  broiler/parents chick cage
 Tiers NO.  3 tiers with 18 doors  3 tiers with 12 doors
 Chick capacity  100 chicks/set to 150 chicks/set  60 chicks to 90 chicks
 Cage size (L*W*H)  1.2m by 2.2m by 1.6m  1.6m by 2.2m by 1.6m
 Rearing age  from 1 day to 12 weeks  from 10 days to 45 days

Fittings: cage mesh, cage frame, water pipe, cup drinkers, feeders and so on.
Quality: cold galvanized, hot deep galvanized and plastic coated.

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