Layer Chicken Cages
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High stoking density,with up to 6 tier cage.

Special galvanizing process,put in up 500 degrees pure zinc solution,lifespan beyond 20 years,no rust.

Including the automatic drinking system,feeder and all fittings.

Please let me know your country and plan,we would introduce you to our local agent to check the cage quality and type and visit our abroad farm sample.


Application:egg laying chicken,baby chicken,broiler.


Type - L1,3 tiers Whole size:6.5 feet by 6.3 feet by 5.6 feet

Capacity:96 birds

Cells:24 cells, 4 birds per cell


Type - L2,3 tiers

Whole size:7.2 feet by 7.9 feet by 5 feet

Capacity:120 birds

Cells:30 cells,4 birds per cell


Type - L3,4 tiers

Whole size:6.5 feet by 9.9 feet by 5.4 feet

Capacity:160 birds

Cells:40 cells,4 birds per cell

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