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Requirements for all parts of layer chicken cages

Layer Chicken Cages it is necessary to plan, design, implement construction and operation management according to the breeding chicken variety, breeding scale, feeding management level and investment budget, follow the basic principles of site selection and reasonable planning and layout.

According to the basic requirements of layer chicken cages design, the type of layer chicken cages is determined according to the natural conditions, feeding methods and quantity of the area. Sufficient lighting and ventilation conditions; Good thermal insulation performance; 

Easy to clean and disinfect; It is strong and compact, and can prevent the intrusion of rats and wild animals; Less investment.

Mechanism and requirements of each part of layer chicken cages:

1. Roof. Roof materials are required to have good thermal insulation and impermeable performance. In rural areas, plastic sheds and asbestos tiles with thermal insulation layer can be used.

2. Walls. The wall shall have good thermal insulation performance and cement dado, which is convenient for washing and disinfection.

3. Ground. The ground shall be flat, moisture-proof, easy to clean, wash and disinfect. At present, brick laying or cement floor is mostly used.

4. Doors and windows. The door shall be firm and tight and easy to open and close. Generally, the ratio of window area to floor area in layer chicken cages should be 1:10 ~ 15, which is conducive to ventilation and daylighting.

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